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Senior Care Tips: Keeping Dentures in Good Condition

Senior Care Tips Keeping Dentures in Good Condition

If your elderly loved one has lost all their teeth, there’s a good chance that they become picky at the foods they eat. It’s difficult for seniors to chew food and even speak properly when one or even all of their teeth are lost. To provide a remedy to such a situation, dentists would suggest dental implants. However, such procedure might be too costly and invasive for your elderly loved one. A better alternative would be to get dentures.

When your elderly loved ones are using dentures, remind them to follow proper denture care tips so they won’t experience having oral sores, infections, and misalignment. It is imperative to have the dentures cleaned and well taken care of so it would bring benefits to their oral health. Here are some denture care tips from Hand in Hand Home Care Solutions you should remind them of:

  • Use Appropriate Cleaning Solutions

    When seniors are using dentures, they should be responsible for regularly cleaning the appliance without fail. It might be tempting for them to use toothpaste in cleaning it; however, it is not recommended by the dentist. The use of such will only cause abrasion and microscopic scratches on the dentures which will affect its integrity and the small pores created can harbor bacteria. Dentists recommend the use of dental cleaning solutions or mild hand soap instead.

  • Let Experts Adjust It

    In the course of wearing dentures, there would be changes on how the appliance is fitted on the gums. This can be tempting for seniors to adjust the dentures on their own by bending or twisting it; however, this can only weaken the dentures wherein it can be prone to breakage. The best thing to do is to have the appliance adjusted by a dental expert or you can let your parent get a new one which can perfectly fit on their gums.

  • Don’t Use it Overnight

    As your loved ones are sleeping, inform them to remove their dentures so that their oral tissue can “breathe” and relax. Without the dentures, the gums can be freed from the pressure; thus, will decrease the chances for sores and blisters to occur. Tell them to place the dentures in water or denture soaking solution so that it won’t dry out and become distorted. Caregivers from a Home Care in Florida can assist your loved ones with their personal care needs.

It is a vital component of your loved one’s overall health to look after the condition of their oral cavity. Getting dentures will not only help them eat properly, but it can also help boost their self-esteem so that they can be proud to flash a smile to whoever they meet. In order for you to give your loved one a hand in maintaining their dental health, you can tap Home Care Services. The compassionate caregivers will ensure that the holistic well-being of your loved ones are looked after in order that they can make the most of their golden years.

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