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5 Foods Seniors Should Avoid

5 Foods Seniors Should Avoid

They say “you must eat healthy so you can feel healthy and you must eat bad so you’ll feel bad.” Whoever coined the phrase certainly knows how foods significantly affect different body functions. It is a common knowledge that eating fruits, vegetables, and lean meats will keep the body healthy. In this regard, remind your senior parents to pay attention to the kind of food they are ingesting so they will always be in top shape.

The focus here is to imbibe a change in their lifestyle and eating pattern to enable them to have enough nutrition in their golden years. Healthy eating is not just eating green and leafy foods, it is also about avoiding grubs that are too salty, sweet, and oily. Unbeknown to most seniors, these common foods listed by Hand in Hand Home Care Solutions should be taken off their diet:

  1. Eating Sushi

    Although sushis are tempting, you must remind your loved ones to tone down their cravings for this Japanese food. It can be eaten occasionally provided that you know where the fish is sourced. To satisfy your loved one’s craving, you can bring them to trusted Japanese restaurants. See to it that the fish used has been frozen for at least 4 days so that the parasitic worms found on the fish are all dead.

  2. Consuming Grapefruits

    This citrus fruit contains a lot of essential vitamins and minerals which can boost the immune system of seniors. However, if your senior parents have maintenance medication, you need to remind them to halt consuming grapefruit. Grapefruits interact with any medication that is taken by blocking the production of enzymes in the body which will break down the medication so it can run its course of action. Always consult your loved one’s physician to determine if their prescribed meds have untoward interaction with grapefruits. Caregivers working in a Home Care in Florida can assist your loved ones in their medication regimen.

  3. Weaning from Diet Soda

    Diet sodas are commonly advertised as the healthier alternative to regular sodas because they have low calories and sugar. The crux of the matter is that it is full in fat and may not be any healthier when consumed. There is even a study that links regular consumption of diet sodas to development of chronic conditions such as heart attack, stroke, and other lifestyle-related diseases. Advise your loved ones to consume carbonated water instead.

  4. Avoid Undercooked Eggs

    If your senior parents love to eat eggs, always make sure that you serve cooked eggs. They should avoid the undercooked ones because of the increased risk of salmonella poisoning. It is easy to determine if the egg is already cooked because both the white and yolk are solid.

  5. Hotdogs and Sausages

    Ready-to-eat meats such as hotdogs, sausages, and luncheon meat are perfect breeding ground for Listeria. Even if you put these meats in the fridge, the bacteria can still grow in it. They should be wary about mulching on this cold meat in its raw state.

Unhealthy foods will predispose your loved ones to succumb to diseases. However, you can always turn to Home Care Services in times where you need assistance about meal preparation for your loved one. You can be guided in making easy to cook and delicious meals. This can help improve the health status of your elderly parent so they will always maintain a higher quality of life.


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