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Is It Okay for the Elderly to Own Pets?
Is It Okay for the Elderly to Own Pets


Since time immemorial, history has taught us that men are capable of taming animals and of making them part of their households. The same holds true today. Pets have become closer to their owners and they have even made their humans’ lives more meaningful.

But is the same true for senior citizens? Is owning a pet a good decision for the elderly?

A lot of geriatric doctors have answered in the affirmative. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Pets as companions. After witnessing the passing of too many people they dearly loved, older adults could be sensitive and lonely. When older people feel constantly sad, without any family or caregiver from a Home Care in Florida to accompany them, the condition may eventually turn into depression. So, the elderly need companions who can keep their spirits up. And when we say companions, having pets is the best option.
  2. Having pets make a routine. Following a daily routine could give life to dull days. With pets to take care of, elderly people’s daily activities become a habit. So when they wake up every day, they will have something to look forward to. Older people’s days will no longer be as boring as before when they did not have anyone to spend their days with.
  3. Exercise is more fun with pets. You should all be more conscious with your bodies as you get older. By being conscious, it also means having to engage in physical activities so your muscles and bones will not get stiffer. Having pets would make exercise fun and lighter. With pets to accompany you while you jog or walk in the park, you won’t feel obliged or burdened to exercise. Any physical activity with your pets will become more exciting.
  4. Meet new friends through pets. You are not the only person who has pets. It is most likely that your neighbors have pets as well. You can meet them whenever there are programs, activities, and projects that cater to animals and their environment. Attending these events would give you an opportunity to make new friends.
  5. Security through dogs. Although dogs are not the only pets you can choose to have, these lovely creatures could also provide you with security and protection. When thieves become aware that you have dogs living with you, they will have second thoughts in robbing your homes. Also, pets could be very helpful during emergencies.
  6. Pets can receive all your love. Everybody has so much love to give. When you live alone, even when you have caregivers to give you Elderly Care, it seems that you do not have anyone to share your love to. But with pets surrounding you every single day, you will have someone to give your love to.

For all these reasons, Hand in Hand Home Care Solutions recommends that their clients get pets of their own. How about you, what do you think of getting pets?


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