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Is It Okay for the Elderly to Own Pets?

Since time immemorial, history has taught us that men are capable of taming animals and of making them part of their households. The same holds true today. Pets have become closer to their owners and they have even made their … Continue reading

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Senior Care Tips: Keeping Dentures in Good Condition

If your elderly loved one has lost all their teeth, there’s a good chance that they become picky at the foods they eat. It’s difficult for seniors to chew food and even speak properly when one or even all of … Continue reading

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5 Foods Seniors Should Avoid

They say “you must eat healthy so you can feel healthy and you must eat bad so you’ll feel bad.” Whoever coined the phrase certainly knows how foods significantly affect different body functions. It is a common knowledge that eating … Continue reading

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How to be Effective in Delivering Care for Stroke Survivors at Home

Stroke is a very serious condition that is accompanied with a lot of complications. It is a problem that results in poor blood supply flowing through the brain. This is caused by blockage or ruptures in the vessels as a … Continue reading

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Creative Outlets Seniors Can Do at Home

Aging is oftentimes characterized by senility, fragility, and difficulty in meeting the senior’s daily needs and in conversing with other people. These things pose risks to the senior’s emotional and psychological well-being. When seniors are not able to cope and … Continue reading

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