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How to Help Your Elderly Parents Avoid Depression
How to Help Your Old Parents Avoid Depression


Depression is one of the major enemies of the older adult population. Unlike heart attack, diabetes, and stroke, it does not kill by blowing it hard in the face. It slowly kills its victim. And before we know it, it already has consumed the elderly individual and pushed them to the point of no return.

However, there is only one thing that could help these older individuals avoid such problem. It is to keep them socially connected.

Here are some ways on how to let them stay engaged to the world outside:

  • Involve themOur brothers and sisters from different parts of the world consider their elders wise. That is why these elders are the star during a celebration or gathering. They are practically like the VIPs. Why do they do this? It is due to the fact that these older people are considered wise for they have been in this world longer than any of us.

    So do not keep grandma and grandpa off the celebrations. Invite them. And maybe the kids will also learn from them.

    But do not simply limit it to celebrations. If they want it, they can volunteer in a charity group; help the kids in the community get immunization. Keep them active. Or if they do not want, encourage them to be active.

  • Share the mealWhen elderly people feel depressed, they lose interest in the food they are eating. And if they do not eat, who knows what ailment could weaken them further. To keep the dinner table lively, let your senior member of the family have congregate meals. It can be with their friends or even the neighborhood elderly person who is in the same situation as them. A meal is always nice if it is shared with other people.
  • Encourage them to keep movingNothing is achieved if you only sit and wait for the time to pass by. So keep the elderly individual mobile as much as possible. You can give them a 3-wheeled bicycle so they can ride around the town and find something they are interested in doing. Give them a pet dog so they will feel like they are needed and therefore go outside to care for the furry animal companion.
  • Invest in Elderly CareWe are too busy with work and other responsibilities that we no longer have time to care for our aging parents or grandparents. That is why it is ideal to invest in services that help them achieve a better quality of life – home care.

Hand in Hand Home Care Solutions provides quality Home Care in Florida. We believe that in order to stop depression, there should be someone who needs to be there for your elders.

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