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Body Language: When Your Senior Loved Ones Need Help


Aging is an inevitable phase of the human life cycle. Every individual would have to readily face the reality of aging. The risk comes when elders reach their point of dependence – the inability to live alone and do things out of their own capacity.

Do you ever wonder how to determine when your senior loved ones are too old to live alone? You can eye for these warning signs:

  • Their physical pacing gradually slows down.
  • They begin to have speaking difficulty.
  • They barely get up from bed. They are also easily exhausted.
  • Walking becomes difficult without support or assistance.
  • They occasionally miss bath time.
  • Hygiene, at some moments, is taken out of priority.
  • Sudden weight loss is occurrent.
  • Some meals are being skipped on purpose or unintentionally.
  • The house becomes disorganized.
  • Physical weakening consumes all of your loved ones’ system.
  • Other senses and organs may gradually weaken like the heart, liver, kidney, eyesight and hearing.

If you see these scenarios in your senior loved ones’ life, they signal your loved ones’ need for home care assistance. They aren’t as energetic and sturdy as they used to be, which is why they need somebody they can trustingly lean on.

As elders used to take care of you when you were younger, now is the time you return the marvelous favor. A family shares unconditional love for each other and with love comes the highest forms of care.

We respect that the responsibility can be challenging for you at times, as you may also be juggling numerous duties from different aspects of your life.

At Hand in Hand Home Care Solutions, we wish to help carry you and your seniors’ burden. Hence, we design a wide range of Elderly Care to meet your senior loved ones’ needs! In this way, you wouldn’t need to spend your entire calendar dates watching over your loved ones, for we can take your place when your schedule hardly permits your availability.

As the famous Home Care in Florida, we can work hand in hand in helping your loved ones age comfortably at home. You can call us at 407-335-4676 for inquiries regarding our services.

When your loved ones are faced with the realities of aging and their body screams “help!”, you know now what to do best. Tap on our shoulders and we will offer you a hand promptly!

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