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I don’t know why it took me almost 2 years of checking in with Luisa before I finally decided to made the transition to Hand in Hand Home Care Solutions to manage my father’s care. I was not happy with the agency caring for my father and was looking to make a change, I kept coming back to discussions with Luisa about issues we were encountering and she was always willing to talk to me and answer my questions. My father known as, ‘The Colonel’, was very alert with a regular structured routine (schedule) yet we continued to encounter problems on a weekly basis with the agency he was with. This can be so frustrating for family members who don’t live in the same city, or state as was my situation. From the day we signed on with Hand in Hand Home Care Solutions, Luisa always provided options pointing us towards solutions. The quality of the caregivers was excellent, it was wonderful how the caregivers communicated with each other, working towards the same goal of managing care for my father rather than to end their shift. The Colonel adapted to the caregivers quickly and through his entire experience with them never had a change in personnel, or a problem that wasn’t solved for him. This used to be a constant issue with the previous company. The quality level of his care rose exponentially, including the preparation and interest given to his meals and daily activities. I also utilized the online Family Room Care Logs that Hand in Hand offers to read about his daily events if I was unable to call to check in. This is a great way to stay connected and allow for reference of historical information. Often Luisa, Robert or Gena would stop by for a visit and the Colonel was always pleased to see them. Ultimately, when he needed them the most, during his last trip to the hospital, Luisa and her team were there with him. As promised, Luisa and Gena were at the hospital continuously to manage and monitor his issues and progress with genuine concern. Sadly, this time his health issues could not be resolved due to his declining 94-year-old body. When it was decided he would go home with Hospice my father was comforted by all of the caregiving concern. Luisa and Gena made the arrangements, getting him home within a day making sure no details were missed. Luisa spoke frankly with my dad to help him understand his condition and the ultimate outcome. He was able to take it in fully from people he trusted and who had shown only kindness and respect towards him. After only 2 days in Hospice he passed with Luisa, Robert and the caregiver by his side. While I am glad my father is in a peaceful place, I am disappointed to let these fine people go from my life as I have grown to cherish them as well. There is no other company I would trust for a family member than under the care of Hand in Hand. Our standards were high and they met and surpassed every challenge given to them. Thank you. Vickie

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